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just another minion monday


Glutens made me happy today.  No not because I ate them.  I would NEVER. DO. THAT.  But because I made MINION CUPCAKES!!!  Despicable Me Minion Cupcakes!!! Unfortunately they are of the evil gluten-filled species, because GF Twinkies have yet to exist.  I used the recipe from this site: http://mylitter.com/recipes/minion-cupcakes-from-twinkies-despicable-me/.  I don’t know whether you necessarily need a recipe but rather some time, excitement and important supplies: Twinkies, candy eyeballs, frosting, cupcake mix.

I have been biting at the bit to make these bad boys.  I was working on convincing my five-year-old niece to switch from a Hello Kitty birthday to a Despicable Me party theme.  This week is Surgical Technologist Appreciation week at work and I figured this was a good excuse to make them, instead of, well uh, just really wanting to make children’s movie character cupcakes. 🙂

I made it easy on myself and bought the eyes, already blue frosting, Wilson’s Glitter Gel and Betty Crocker cupcake mix. Word to the wise: let the gel set for a good while or your minion eyes will start dripping (this happened) and you will be finishing your minions at 5:30 am.  I also recommend buying two things of frosting to make sure the minions have enough to stick to.   I’ve seen rumors of GF Twinkies on the Internet, so maybe one day these minions will evolve into the gluten-free variety. (Who knows, maybe they will be healthier?)

Until then, I had the pleasure of Twinkie aroma during my 30-minute drive to work to fill my belly.  I enjoyed making them so much that I didn’t care and my coworkers were definitely pleased today!!


My cheater blue frosting…too lazy to mix food coloring 😉


Look at how happy they are! The one-eyed ones are my favorite!

minion cupcake



best boyfriend ever


I have been telling the BF that next time we head to New Orleans that Gluten Free Nation is a necessary stop. He had a convention there this week and surprised me with some treats when he got home!!


Snickerdoodles: I wish they would have been softer, but they were still delicious. Made as a good crush-in for ice cream. Brad gave these two thumbs up.

Chocolate cake balls: my favorite! Chocolaty goodness. Didn’t like the blue sparkles or fondant rose on top.

Multigrain sandwich bread: the BEST bread I have had yet. It says to keep in freezer and warm up slices as needed…maybe this is what I am doing wrong with my bread?!? I usually buy Udi’s because its the cheapest. Its made with Timothy flour (and tapioca) which I had never heard of. A quick Google search tells me its a European cereal grass. Hmmm. Maybe that’s why it tastes better.

Price: Brad said that my treats were about $23. So normal gluten free prices 🙂

Since I have started GF, I am more careful with my sweets and savor/save them. Before, I would eat a whole pack of Oreos in one sitting, now I eat one cookie and save the rest because GF baking is so expensive. Guess I am more thankful now that I am GF.  Mehhh I would rather have glutenous snacks abounding in my house, but it is what it is!!  Brad definitely made my day (and week when I can have cookies/sweets for a few days!!)  He even asked about bread shipment to the house in Austin—which is possible!

gluten-free cowpies


I love KIND bars.  I eat two a day when I am working: one for breakfast and one for a 3 p.m. snack during my 12-hour days.  I have found a Nature Valley brand that I like that is about $4 a box for six.  I still find myself wanting a cereal bar at work though and that’s where Brad’s purchase of a “Mexican KIND bar” comes in. 

One of the gas stations near the house has these double-sized nut bars AKA palanqueta mixta.  The ingredients read: sugar, raisins, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and corn syrup.   I thought that sounded easy and I could throw something together and make my own cereal bar with some Honey Nut Chex, peanuts and chocolate chips.

Putting the bars together wasn’t bad, I just mixed the ingredients with corn syrup and sugar and pressed them down into the pan, stuck them in the freezer to solidify.   I couldn’t decide what to do with the chocolate and wanted to try and do a chocolate covered bottom of the bar.  Melting the chocolate chips was tricky and maybe the heat from the oven started melting my corn syrup, but everything got messy quickly.

What I’m left with is two “bars” with chocolate on the bottom, a few that I tried to make into a Chex candy bar of sorts and some small pieces I just tried to get chocolatey.   The chocolate started to get too thick and what is left now looks like a giant turd in my pan.  Ahh…well the surviving bars/pieces are now in the fridge to cool.  My “cowpies” have to be tasty–how can sugar not taste good? 🙂  Even if they are ugly.  And look like poop.



Here’s what I used if you want to attempt this (and probably do it better):

2 cups of Gluten-Free Honey Nut Chex

2/3 cup chopped peanuts

1 tsp sugar

1.5 cups of Karo corn syrup

1 bag semi sweet chocolate chips (although after the turd incident I think that maybe the large bricks of melting chocolate would work better)

Mix the corn syrup, Chex and peanuts together and add sugar.  Press down firmly into 11×7 baking pan and flatten out.  Place in fridge or freezer to harden at least two hours.  I put mine in the freezer. 

Take out hardened mix and cut into bars.  Start chocolate chips or baking chocolate in medium pan, stirring constantly to prevent burning.  You can coat the entire bottom of the bar or coat entirely for a candy bar sort of feel.

Any suggestions to the recipe would be awesome!!




This weekend Brad and I were a little under the weather so we decided to downgrade our going out activities into some alcohol-free and low-key fun.

Saturday, we got up early to go to the 15th Annual Mighty Dog Walk down at Auditorium Shores. If it hadn’t been cold and semi rainy, I would have enjoyed it more. However, Riley was the happiest (and dirtiest) dog in Austin.


Riley hates pictures and flash photography, thus this unhappy pose.

She immediately jumped in the river and then rolled in the dirt by the hike and bike trail. We raked in a lot of doggie swag for free. People were grabbing free dog treats like it was Black Friday shopping.


Dinner was at The Pizza Bistro off Lake Austin Boulevard, thanks to a Living Social deal. We always jump on the pizza ones, especially when gluten-free pizza is touted.


I ordered the gluten-free crust with half Marguerite/half West Coast.  The WC is olives, tomatoes, avocado and I liked it the best. I found the flavors to be bland, Brad said the same thing but we attributed it to our congestion and colds.  The crust was kinda spongy (?) and could have used some spices. We are going to have to return in better health for a more definite opinion, but overall it was decent.

We finished the weekend with a round of golf at Butler, which is like a mini golf course for adults. Brad even bought me my first pitching wedge from a resale shop (the only lefty one there). I don’t plan on becoming a serious golfer, mostly because I am highly competitive and get mean when I lose. Sorry baby! 🙂

Right now, some GF cinnamon rolls are in the oven and I am content with baking, blogging and hanging out with Brad while he watches March Madness.

For the cinnamon rolls recipe, visit Lauren’s Latest.

my baking breakdown


I want a cookie, or a brownie or some cake!! I don’t really care which, just something sweet to eat since starting this gluten-free experiment. Yogurt does not count.

So I found some cool recipes on blogs I follow and headed to Sprouts Farmer’s Market for the ingredients. I decided to try and make the Twix bars gluten-free style. Shortbread cookies, the special flour, it all started to add up quickly in price. Why the hell is brownie mix $8???? And I can’t afford a $25 dessert. I suppose those who have to do this always make one special dessert a month?? I don’t know.

I could feel the tears welling up but I pushed them back and turned in circles on the gluten-free/baking aisle, cursing gluten and the prices. I debated leaving with nothing but I really needed a treat.

I decided on some plain brownie mix, chocolate chips and some Reese’s peanut butter cups/pecans to chop up for flavor.

The actual breakdown happened when I called my mom to tell her about my dismay.  I am pretty sure she could hardly understand what I was saying, “glutenSOBexpensiveSOBstupid.”  That is what I would guess it sounded like.  And like a good mom, she reminded me this could be temporary and hopefully a short period of time will help me feel better and I can go back to normal.

I was directed to do this diet for six weeks and so far it’s working  (no “bathroom sickness” or bloating). I don’t know if I am more upset because the special flour is $8 or if it’s because I could have to eat like this forever. I know I am being a weenie, and seriously God bless people who have to eat gluten-free indefinitely.

I got some more labs today that are somewhat sensitive for Celiac and will go from there. (I can’t afford the tTg or whatever it’s called with my deductible). Here’s to good lab results and yummy brownies tonight.