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i want moore cookies.


Farmers Markets always intrigue me. I love to see the local art, foods and what people in town are actually producing.  The only one I have ever been to is down south off Ben White, the Sunset Valley market.  I was unimpressed and a little let down.  The vendors were sparse and a couple were even rude.  (Maybe they were having a bad day?)

I’ve been wanting to check out some of the other options in town and since Brad owed me one for going on a float with all boys and being the DD; I figured it was my best opportunity to drag him along. 

We tried to go by Barton Creek, which is at the mall near Mopac but realized it was only offered there on Saturday.   Google led me to the HOPE Farmers Market on the east side on Fifth and Comal.  The market is open from 11-3 on Sundays.

It had the quaint little market feel and most of the shops were under shade which is a plus since it’s already 100 degrees by ten o’clock.  (Sunset Valley is on a parking lot).  I was pleased to find lots of gluten-free options and THE BEST COOKIES EVERRRRRRRRRR. 


My purchases: 

1.  One-Pound Honey from the Austin Honey Company, $10.  The honey is a good deal for the size and tastes good.  I try to eat honey to help with allergies; anything to help in the Allergy Capital AKA Austin. 

2. Poblano pepper and Muenster cheese tamale,  The Gardener’s Feast, $3.  This was my lunch that day.  Everything is fresh, organic and gluten-free.  I picked this flavor because it was on the spicy side.  🙂

3.  Fresh veggies, $2, I forgot what the place was called.  But I thought gosh these are small, but oh wait they are homegrown instead of juiced-up veggies. 

4.  My cute head sash, $2, from the Citywide Garage Sale (Brad got dragged there also on Sunday mwahaha).  This is also a fun event, its pretty much a thrift store/antique store on steroids.  Furniture, baseball cards, dishes, linens, you name it they have it, $5 for entry per person plus parking at Palmer Events Center.  The next one is July 13-14.



Sorry the picture was in my lap in the car on the way home.  Because otherwise the picture would have been of empty cookie bags.  Seriously.  They are that good.  Brad said they don’t even taste GF, which I think is the greatest compliment for GF bakery items.  And he’s had the Lucy’s cookies and other bakery stuff I have brought home. 

The lemon cookies were lemony without being overpowering and the chocolate peanut butter cookies tasted like Reese’s cups but cookie-style.  Soft and not crumbly, these are the best gluten-free cookies I have ever put in my mouth.  We ate them all before we ever got home.

The cookie representative (I think it was the owner from looking at the website) said they were working on a storefront for online sales. 

So go to this website: and bookmark it right now! Because I swear you will want these cookies later. 


blogging + babies and GF!! WINNING!!!


I got an email yesterday saying that I would be a Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo blogger!!  I’m proud of my little piece of the ‘Net here and can’t wait for October to head to Dallas.  If you’ll notice, I have my very first badge!!

GFAF Expo Blogger Badge

For those of you in Texas, the Dallas expo is at Plano Convention Center on October 26 and 27.  It’s conveniently near one of my besties who is going to have a little one soon!!  WIN-WIN for me!!!



pretty thai for a white guy

I was hanging out at Moontower Saloon (a chill little outdoor bar in South Austin) and unexpectedly found a gluten-free trailer.  The bar is located on Manchaca past Slaughter and is packed every time we go and has been known to have cars parked along the road.  South Austin was really hurting for a neighborhood bar and Moontower has that relaxed, outdoor, “I’m at a bonfire party” feel.   They opened last October-ish and I know that summer nights there will be awesome.

 I, of course, gave the guy I ordered from the second degree about whether it was ACTUALLY GF.  Turns out the owner is gluten intolerant and the only thing that has gluten is their rolls for sandwiches.  Apparently they used to serve GF rolls also but they were too expensive.  Not a surprise to me…since bread is $7 a loaf. 

Anyway,  the sweet potato fries with Sriracha ketchup are delicious (and are only $3!!) I was kind of surprised by the mint on top, not exactly my favorite flavor with the fries.  But hey you can pick that off if you don’t like it!   I enjoyed the gouda cheese quesadillas (on corn tortillas of course!).  It is a pleasant surprise to be able to order “bar food” from a gluten-free trailer–I felt like a normal person!! 🙂


Safe alternative to Pinterest


WANELO!! How do I not know you existed?! Its like Pinterest without all the cupcakes, cakes and other baked goodies that I can’t have!!

Instead of pinning, your liked items are saved to named lists of your choice.  But it still gives me the satisfaction of pinning without the excess calories or crazy DIY projects that are sure to go awry.


Browse away. I haven’t ran into any gluten yet!!

Reader’s delight

Reader’s delight

How have I not known about this until now?? A Facebook-connected app that helps me pick out books and gives me reviews???!!

I love it. I’m currently perusing the e-shelves and trying to find the next comedy/chick lit/mystery book I am going to read.

I’ve decided to revisit my childhood, nose-stuck-in-book self and fill this time that I now have since graduation.

Anyhoo, if you’re a reader, this app is like Pandora’s box of suggestions.

cat scratch fever


My boyfriend and I decided to go mattress shopping last weekend because our current mattress is horrid.  It’s a hand-me-down of a hand me down and I usually end up sleeping on the couch because the bed is too small for two six-foot-tall people.

The hunt began at the typical chain mattress stores and eventually we found a winner at a local mattress store, Factory Mattress USA.  I can’t wait to sleep on our new Simmons Beautyrest Classic firm with pillowtop. Sounds way fancier than it is.  The foam mattresses are crazy expensive, try in the $4000 range.  Either way, It’s the first *new* bed either of us has ever bought and I am excited.

Which brings me to the entire point of this blog—our cat, Barf.  She loves to claw at the corners of the current horrid mattress and tear it up.  I am paranoid she is going to destroy our gorgeous new purchase with her claws.  We had some cardboard lying around and I decided I could probably be crafty(ish).

I found this blog (which is an awesome craft idea source if you’re bored): and decided to give it a try.

Mine did not come out as pretty, but Barf rubbed all over the surface of the scratching pad and pushed it across the room.  No scratching yet, but I am hopeful with the catnip inside.  Hopefully the bedskirt will deter her also….


barbecue shrimp, blackened shrimp, there’s all kind of shrimp


I couldn’t help but think about Forrest Gump when I was making my first shrimp dish today.  I got some new awesome casserole dishes (Corningware) and decided I had to make something for dinner utilizing my Christmas gifts!! I found this recipe online ( and gave it a try.

I got to the part of the recipe where it called to “devein” the shrimp and found myself lost and confused. My Cajun boyfriend made me feel like a novice when he started deveining like a champ. But this
website gave me the basics:

The dish turned out great except our Lab/Rottweiler mix, Riley, ninja’d her way into the fridge and ate the entire leftovers. Amazingly she did it without breaking the dish. Mind you she is ten years old and there really is no teaching her new tricks or to stay out of the fridge. We have a child lock on the fridge but have been forgetting to latch it.

I guess it just gives us a chance to make it again. We though some extra cayenne, sausage and chicken would set it off. Umm thanks I guess to Riley.