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screw you Gain!!


After working so hard to eat healthy and fresh (and gluten free!),  I paid little attention to the laundry detergent that I use “safeness.”  I was talking with a friend about loving Gain soap and doing laundry.  I love for my laundry to smell good and have a strong fragrance.  He told me, “You know that’s how they get you.”  And promptly dared me to Google the topic and make my own decision about laundry detergent (LD).   I was a bit skeptical because he does work at Whole Foods and eats super SUPER natural, non-GMO, blah blah blah, but thought I would give it a quick search.

It is scary to think what is in products that doesn’t have to be reported.  These following links are what intrigued me:

I try to do what’s best for my body and avoid things that are unhealthy when possible.  I decided to make my own soap because at least this way I know what is going into the mix. I followed this recipe that I found on Pinterest from

From what I can tell from reading around, Borax and the washing soda seem healthier than 1,4 dioxane and who knows what else in conventional soap.   It actually took me longer to find the ingredients than make the soap itself.  I figured Whole Foods would have the Borax and washing soda, but they do not.  A quick trip to H-E-B got me all my ingredients for less than $20.

The prices were as follows:

Dr. Bronner Soap $3.00

Borax $2.94

Washing Soda $3.24

Lavender oil $8.29

To make another load, I just have to buy another bar of Dr. Bronner’s soap and repeat.  The boxes of washing soda/borax will make multiple loads and have plenty of the oil left. Next time I’m thinking about buying the scented soap to start with.

The recipe states it should wash about 32-64 loads, but I’m currently keeping a tally count with my first batch so I will know how much it costs per load.  The lavender recipe smells great and when it says FIVE drops, it MEANS five drops.  Those essential oils are pretty potent.

ImageOf course, I had to decorate a jar to keep it in!!

Overall, my point is to question what you put in/on your body and weigh the pros and the cons.  Do I think that using Gain detergent will cause cancer?  Well, probably not.  But we don’t know for sure what these companies are using in their products and marketing to us as safe.  Better safe than sorry,  I’ll make my own.  🙂  And use Gain candles instead.


gluten free fatty


Full.  Stuffed. Filled to the brim. Grateful.  That is how I would describe me after the GFAF expo in Dallas a week ago. (Yes I realize I am late on this…blog came second to the paperwork involved in buying a house!!) I conned my boyfriend into accompanying me to the Glutenfreepalooza as he so lovingly called it.  The food sensory overload kicked in after visiting about two booths!  So many vendors and snacks to try, I can’t possibly name them all!!  I will simplify and mention my favorite moments/foods of the weekend….

1. This sticker from Way Better Snacks.  GF IS MY BFF!!!  Also their Red Pepper chips were delish (and the samples I got I didn’t even to eat thanks to the BF, which means they are awesome because he isn’t GF).



2. These cinnamon rolls from Sevierly Good GF. Moist, sweet and did not taste GF.  AT. ALL.  They are available on the website for $7.50 for the mix.  Chocolate brownie was also stellar.  BF also gave this two thumbs up.


3.  Getting to try products that I normally am too cheap to buy just in case they taste nasty.  For example, Kinnikinnick Foods donuts and bagels.  I have been eyeing these bad boys at Sprouts for months but haven’t been able to fork out the $6 for donuts.  I tried them at the expo and am sold!  I think that’s the glorious part of the whole thing; getting to the opportunity to try foods and decide if you like them before paying hard earned money.


(Forgive my god-awful camera skills, I was probably shaking with excitement from eating these!! Also I feel like a weirdo sometimes taking bazillions of pictures)

4.  HOLY CRAP cereal.  The company welcomed us to the expo and gave us a free bag of the non-GMO, GF goodness.  I would give you my review of the stuff, but the boyfriend also ate the entire bag of Dragon Blend.  He’s a meat and potatoes, favorite food is Tombstone pizza kinda guy, so him eating the whole bag says it all.  It’s full of protein, fiber and omegas and made with fruit, buckwheat, chia seeds and hemp hearts. MMMMM.



5.  Getting double snacks because I brought my boyfriend to fill his bag up too. 🙂 I had to buy a plastic bucket to put all my snacks and goodies in at home. So far, I’m loving the NoGii Chocolate Coconut the best.


6.  Leaving the GFAF Expo early to meet this sweet angel!!  🙂  I got to visit one of my besties, Abigail afterward.  (I really didn’t want to take that sticker off!!)


Can’t wait to do it again next year!!

Yummy toast



Look at this little guy: a squishy huggable stuffed toast!! And I can’t even eat (normal) toast but he looks so happy!

He’s part of a line of comfort snuggled, including a cupcake, bacon and eggs, even a stuffed cup of joe available here.

Gluten free girl hugging stuffed toast = irony. I suppose at least he is safe!!  Perhaps it’s the forbidden fruit theory, we want what we can’t have, which explains this adorable headband I bought from Etsy that my boyfriend informed me looks like wheat crops….


Mmm headbands and stuffed toast. Delish.

Gluten free fail



My sister bought me this nice gluten free baking book so I attempted to make the tortillas. I usually buy the $6 pack in the freezer section at Randall’s and thought MAYBE this could save me money because I could freeze them. Not so much. The dough is too sticky to roll out even with the parchment paper! And I ended up making cilantro GF flour blobs. I never can understand why GF flour is so sticky even though its missing what holds it together?? Conundrum I tell you!!

MEHHHHHH. Then I pulled a Paula Deen and just slathered butter on the poor misshapen shards of flour. Butter makes it better, right? ?



I have been a terrible terrible blogger.  But during this terrible blogger time, I have became a better nurse.  I took a new position as an operating room nurse in June and started a six-month internship through the various specialties.  So instead of working 3-12s a week, I am working Monday-Friday 6:30-3:00 pm.  I have less of my bored-Melinda-go-crazy time and have fallen into more of a normal routine (I actually have one!). 

So unfortunately, I find less time to blog because I am cooking dinner, trying to study my surgeries for the next day, washing clothes, bla bla and crashing at 9 pm because I am already exhausted.  Anyway, life in the OR is a completely new experience and has definitely challenged my nursing skills and confidence.  But I do love learning something new EVERY SINGLE DAY and I mean EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Sometimes I learn so much, my brain is flooded!! I’ll share a few things I’ve learned in my short time in the operating room…

1.  Always clamp your tubing before spiking giant bags of solution or you will shoot solution across the room like a water gun!!

2.  The operating room is notorious for glutenous things (bring lots of snacks!!)

3. That circulating nurses do a lot more than people give them credit for

4.  You can skip the gym after working ortho, prepping extremities and holding them until the solution is dry is plenty of weightlifting.

5.  That we should spend an entire day just driving stretchers around. It is much harder than it looks.

Lastly, since the change to a “normal person” schedule, I understand wholeheartedly the importance of celebrating Hump Day and Friday.  🙂 You’ve got to smile halfway through and when it’s over for the weekend. 

On that note…. HUMP DAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first GF birthday cookie!!



My lovely mother made me the most excellent birthday dinner/dessert yesterday. I love when your family “gets” it about checking things to see if they are safe; Mom was texting me all week about different items (brisket, BBQ sauce) and whether they were okay.

In my past gluten eating birthdays, Great American Cookie Company was my favorite. I mean, cookie > cake to me. Mom prepared it with two Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mixes and 20 minutes. It came out moist and chewy! Moms always do it better (except maybe icing decorating but I think it’s adorable).


diamond in the rough


I recently got a new job as an operating room nurse and as part of my training I have to attend an internship in Temple, TX for three weeks.  Thank goodness my family lives in Waco so I don’t have to drive from south Austin to Temple everyday. That’s about a 2-hour daily drive, so I am crashing in Waco at my mom’s house during the week.

Waco is not the most gluten-free friendly place, but there is one health food store that makes it a little bit easier, Drug Emporium and is also a Vitamins Plus. I’ve been going there since I was a kid with my grandma. They have a variety of everything from hair products, vitamins, wall decor and good prices on designer fragrances. I loved going there with Gogge (my grandma) because she would always buy me some Lip Smackers or some kind of treat. 😉


This time I bought my own treats of the gluten-free persuasion. Two bags full for $29…can’t beat that!!


The store has a great variety of brands, some that I don’t even see at HEB or Whole Foods. I can’t wait til the GFAF expo, I am sure I will find even more new choices. So if you ever get stuck in Wacko and are jonesing for a GF snack, stop at Drug Emporium (located at Bosque and Valley Mills).