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hey little thing let me light your candle…


Last night we went to the Black Crowes show at Stubbs.  I love Stubbs to start with…its a great outdoor venue and chill atmosphere.  We had bought extra tickets and were able to sell them for a profit! (Our tickets to the show ended up being like $15 with what we made!!)

After spending a lazy day watching Alaskan State Troopers and snoozing, this was our venture out of the house event.  The Black Crowes are just good quality southern rock.  I love the twang in the lead singer’s voice.  

The concert started out well–our thoughts were “this is a good time but won’t be on our top #5 list of memorable) and then Mother Nature changed our minds.  It was like the sky opened up and sent Austin all its rain.   We were soaking wet, dancing and laughing.  The other highlight was the 300-lb shirtless, beer belly guy who literally never stopped moving or playing his air guitar. 

Silly but the rain made the concert better.  We definitely won’t forget jamming to “Remedy” with soaking clothes and rain dripping down our faces.  It was one of those moments where I was truly happy to be alive and spending time with my BF/BFF Brad.  🙂

Here’s the before and after:




Top and bottom 5 of SXSW


My boyfriend is notorious for his “top and bottom 5” lists. Anything that sucks immediately gets called a “bottom 5” label.  Since SXSW ’13 is finally over, I thought I would assess the festival from a local perspective.



1. Getting day drunk on Sixth Street with my boyfriend on a weekday. How often does that happen??

2. Free swag: water bottles, t-shirts, stickers, Starbucks cards oh my!!

3. Gluten-free beer and cheesy bacon waffle fries at Frank’s

4. People watching anywhere and everywhere. I know Austin is supposedly weird but I don’t think it was all us.

5. Auditorium Shores JJ Gray and Mofro on Saturday. It was a nice relaxing day, beautiful sunny and it felt like Austin. Good music, local vendors and food.


Brad and I laying on the grass at Auditorium Shores


5. ATM fees. Were. Outrageous. We had to search for the machine that charged $4. I know what do you expect? Still is insane to charge $7.95 to get money out.

4. I am not a hermit crab by any means, but eventually the sheer amount of people and stress of just walking down the street takes its toll on you. Alleys are awesome to avoid this we figured out.  And the city was totally trashed, it was almost a Bourbon feel by Friday.

3. Beer prices. Brad paid $4.50 for a Lone Star, let me repeat–for a LONE STAR.

2. Not getting to see Soul Rebels. 😦 They are one of the brass bands Brad and I always check out whenever they are playing. We figured “eh…no one will know about them. I should be able to get in as public and Brad with his wristband,” which brings me to “bottom 1″…..

1. Hierarchy/caste system of SXSW: This is certainly not a festival for normal people AT ALL.  Badges are first priority, then come wristbands, and we will let the plebeians in last for a fee.

I just had a much more romantic view of SXSW before I moved here. I imagined secret shows and seeing cool bands for free.  I find the festival fun but not for finding music (especially since I didn’t get to see much due to ridiculous lines) but for just hanging out in the daytime and taking in the sights and sounds in general.

free week


So one of the things I’ve enjoyed about Austin is the fact that there is always something to do. Literally.

At the beginning of the year, Free Week gives Austinites the opportunity to check out cool bands in the city.  It’s great timing considering we are all broke after the holidays.

Last night my boyfriend, Brad,  a couple friends and I caught some shows at Antone’s.  Here’s what I thought:

The Rocketboys

The band proved to be entertaining but not something I would have paid for. The guitarist had so much energy and charisma and literally was the show.  The lead fell flat though, he had a decent voice but lacked that star quality to get the band to the next level. The overall show had a mellow, almost Coldplay vibe at times.  I personally could have used more edgier guitar riffs.  I might check out a few songs on Spotify,  but I don’t see them going into heavy rotation on my personal playlist.

Saints of Valory

Brad and I had these guys on our “to-see” list when we went to DeLuna Fest last year at Pensacola Beach. Unfortunately,  we missed them so were glad for the opportunity to check the band out again. A couple of our friends told us “it was one of the best shows at DeLuna,” so we came in with high expectations.

I was not let down. It was a good rock ‘n roll performance. The band sounded well-practiced, clean and solid. It’s no wonder they just signed to a label. All the parts were spot-on: killer guitar, strong vocals, decent drums. My only gripe is the sound covered up the vocals sometimes, but this was definitely a show I would have paid for.


Saints of Valory frontman Gavin Jasper at Antone’s in Austin, TX