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pinterest fail


I am convinced that 90 percent of what is on Pinterest was not completed on the first try. That being said let me share my recent disaster.

The project seems easy: modge podge some paper to canvas, use stickers to spell quote and paint over and let dry.  Remove stickers and WALAAH!!  WALL HANGING!!

I skipped a step and bought a clearance canvas that was printed at Garden Ridge. Placed my (paper-based) letter stickers and some (plastic-y) circular stickers for effect, painted over and let it dry.

I got the circular stickers off with ease and everything was going well. The letter stickers would not peel off and the white backing stuck to the canvas.

After 20 minutes and three broken nails, I got the top part of the stickers off. I used a sponge and toothpick to get the rest off, but the letters were too light. I tried outlining with black marker to make them visible. I had pretty much given up on the project by this point.


I frustratedly wrote the rest of the quote in my handwriting and my boyfriend tried to console my pissy self.  My response “I’m throwing it away. Meehh!!”

Long story short, I painted the canvas white and am going to try again. Moral of the story: No paper based stickers, only plastic stickers for this project.  Pick shorter quotes and darker/vibrant colors for the paint so the contrast shows through better!


This is the pin that started it all: