I will be honest: I am not a native Austinite.  Shocker.   I am actually from Waco.  Which people only know one thing about:  David Koresh and WE AIN’T COMING OUT!!  LOL.  I am hoping to redirect people to think of Baylor and Robert Griffin III.   Much more positive and interesting than cults and whatnot.

I moved to Austin a little over a year ago to pursue more job opportunities in nursing and to actually live in cool place :::ack:::  I have only lived in Waco or Arlington in college.  Neither are very cool places.  Arlington was enjoyable because it was close to DFW and those attractions, but doesn’t offer much itself.

I love the hippie, kinda funky side (that is slowly disappearing) of Austin.   There is always somewhere/something to do outside–it’s such an active city in general.  Any given day some unique or strange festival/walk/carnival is occurring.  Here’s to keepin’ it weird.


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