I’m a 20-something nurse and tall blonde living in Austin, TX with my entrepreneur/techie boyfriend.  This blog is primarily to keep me busy and give me an outlet for writing and sharing my daily musings about food, shopping, nursing, anything that I find interesting on said day.  My first degree was in journalism, but found nursing to be a more lucrative and rewarding career, but my writer’s itch isn’t quite satisfied (Charting patient assessments doesn’t count).

My goal include amusement, laughter and easy reading for those who stumble upon my blog.  The name refers to the amount of seconds in a day and I take that number to be what we are given each day to make something of ourselves and do something for the day.  My dad has told me since I was a kid,  “A day isn’t complete unless you accomplish something.”  I have taken this to heart and try to experience new sights, sounds and sensations everyday.

Happy Reading!



This is me and my boyfriend, Brad.  He’s the other of the “us” I usually refer to.


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