Gluten free fail



My sister bought me this nice gluten free baking book so I attempted to make the tortillas. I usually buy the $6 pack in the freezer section at Randall’s and thought MAYBE this could save me money because I could freeze them. Not so much. The dough is too sticky to roll out even with the parchment paper! And I ended up making cilantro GF flour blobs. I never can understand why GF flour is so sticky even though its missing what holds it together?? Conundrum I tell you!!

MEHHHHHH. Then I pulled a Paula Deen and just slathered butter on the poor misshapen shards of flour. Butter makes it better, right? ?


About mellieann85

I'm a six-foot tall blonde nurse living in Austin with my boyfriend and enjoying all that life has to offer. I enjoy cooking, shopping and trying new things. My blog is about just daily life (there are 86,400 seconds in a day) and trying to live each one of those seconds to the fullest.

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