diamond in the rough


I recently got a new job as an operating room nurse and as part of my training I have to attend an internship in Temple, TX for three weeks.  Thank goodness my family lives in Waco so I don’t have to drive from south Austin to Temple everyday. That’s about a 2-hour daily drive, so I am crashing in Waco at my mom’s house during the week.

Waco is not the most gluten-free friendly place, but there is one health food store that makes it a little bit easier, Drug Emporium and is also a Vitamins Plus. I’ve been going there since I was a kid with my grandma. They have a variety of everything from hair products, vitamins, wall decor and good prices on designer fragrances. I loved going there with Gogge (my grandma) because she would always buy me some Lip Smackers or some kind of treat. 😉


This time I bought my own treats of the gluten-free persuasion. Two bags full for $29…can’t beat that!!


The store has a great variety of brands, some that I don’t even see at HEB or Whole Foods. I can’t wait til the GFAF expo, I am sure I will find even more new choices. So if you ever get stuck in Wacko and are jonesing for a GF snack, stop at Drug Emporium (located at Bosque and Valley Mills).


About mellieann85

I'm a six-foot tall blonde nurse living in Austin with my boyfriend and enjoying all that life has to offer. I enjoy cooking, shopping and trying new things. My blog is about just that...my daily life (there are 86,400 seconds in a day) and trying to live each one of those seconds to the fullest.

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