pretty thai for a white guy

I was hanging out at Moontower Saloon (a chill little outdoor bar in South Austin) and unexpectedly found a gluten-free trailer.  The bar is located on Manchaca past Slaughter and is packed every time we go and has been known to have cars parked along the road.  South Austin was really hurting for a neighborhood bar and Moontower has that relaxed, outdoor, “I’m at a bonfire party” feel.   They opened last October-ish and I know that summer nights there will be awesome.

 I, of course, gave the guy I ordered from the second degree about whether it was ACTUALLY GF.  Turns out the owner is gluten intolerant and the only thing that has gluten is their rolls for sandwiches.  Apparently they used to serve GF rolls also but they were too expensive.  Not a surprise to me…since bread is $7 a loaf. 

Anyway,  the sweet potato fries with Sriracha ketchup are delicious (and are only $3!!) I was kind of surprised by the mint on top, not exactly my favorite flavor with the fries.  But hey you can pick that off if you don’t like it!   I enjoyed the gouda cheese quesadillas (on corn tortillas of course!).  It is a pleasant surprise to be able to order “bar food” from a gluten-free trailer–I felt like a normal person!! 🙂



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