best boyfriend ever


I have been telling the BF that next time we head to New Orleans that Gluten Free Nation is a necessary stop. He had a convention there this week and surprised me with some treats when he got home!!


Snickerdoodles: I wish they would have been softer, but they were still delicious. Made as a good crush-in for ice cream. Brad gave these two thumbs up.

Chocolate cake balls: my favorite! Chocolaty goodness. Didn’t like the blue sparkles or fondant rose on top.

Multigrain sandwich bread: the BEST bread I have had yet. It says to keep in freezer and warm up slices as needed…maybe this is what I am doing wrong with my bread?!? I usually buy Udi’s because its the cheapest. Its made with Timothy flour (and tapioca) which I had never heard of. A quick Google search tells me its a European cereal grass. Hmmm. Maybe that’s why it tastes better.

Price: Brad said that my treats were about $23. So normal gluten free prices 🙂

Since I have started GF, I am more careful with my sweets and savor/save them. Before, I would eat a whole pack of Oreos in one sitting, now I eat one cookie and save the rest because GF baking is so expensive. Guess I am more thankful now that I am GF.  Mehhh I would rather have glutenous snacks abounding in my house, but it is what it is!!  Brad definitely made my day (and week when I can have cookies/sweets for a few days!!)  He even asked about bread shipment to the house in Austin—which is possible!


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