hey little thing let me light your candle…


Last night we went to the Black Crowes show at Stubbs.  I love Stubbs to start with…its a great outdoor venue and chill atmosphere.  We had bought extra tickets and were able to sell them for a profit! (Our tickets to the show ended up being like $15 with what we made!!)

After spending a lazy day watching Alaskan State Troopers and snoozing, this was our venture out of the house event.  The Black Crowes are just good quality southern rock.  I love the twang in the lead singer’s voice.  

The concert started out well–our thoughts were “this is a good time but won’t be on our top #5 list of memorable) and then Mother Nature changed our minds.  It was like the sky opened up and sent Austin all its rain.   We were soaking wet, dancing and laughing.  The other highlight was the 300-lb shirtless, beer belly guy who literally never stopped moving or playing his air guitar. 

Silly but the rain made the concert better.  We definitely won’t forget jamming to “Remedy” with soaking clothes and rain dripping down our faces.  It was one of those moments where I was truly happy to be alive and spending time with my BF/BFF Brad.  🙂

Here’s the before and after:




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  1. Just happened upon your blog because I was looking for reviews of the concert! The funny thing is y’all stood in front of us for awhile, I only remember because you look ALOT like one of our son’s ex-girlfriends. Lol.
    Anyway, enjoyed your review. I am a huuuuge Crowes fan so I knew going in that it would be an amazing show for me, but I agree with you; the rain elevated it to another level/dimension. I think that everyone who decided to stay definitely felt the same way.
    Thanks for sharing!

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