cozies and crawfish

cozies and crawfish

Lately I have been really into reading mysteries that involve food.  My two favorite series are Donut Hearts by Jessica Beck and the Savannah Reid mysteries by G.A. McKevett. I found out that this is an actual genre called “cozy mysteries.”   Cozies provide an easy mystery read set in small town America; I happen to also pick the ones that involve food.

The Donut Hearts mystery series is about a donut shop owner who always happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time: i.e. murders.   The author also conveniently provides recipes for donuts and sweets throughout the chapters.  Granted, the recipes all include gluten.  I decided to try a recipe and substitute GF flour, xantham gum and make some Easter beignets.

The dough was so sticky it was hard to manipulate and took a lot more flour than the 6-7 cups stated in the recipe.  I followed the guidelines on the Bob’s Mill Flour for using xantham gum but maybe it was too much.  Anyway, the beignets turned out more like cake donuts and didn’t have that light airy consistency you find in normal beignet mix.

I found it was easier to cut them with cookie cutters and make shapes rather than the traditional squares and added flour to be able to even pick up the dough.  For a first try, it was definitely edible and enjoyable.

For the afternoon, we had bought a Living Social for a crawfish boil at Corner Bar on Lamar in South Austin.  It’s a nice little neighborhood bar; they leave the doors open and let the breeze flow through.  Brad, our friend Eddie and I enjoyed their Sunday Funday happy hour ($2 mimosas, cheap beers and $5 Bloody’s) and racked up only a $20 tab for the three of us drinking for three hours.

It was my first experience with crawfish and I wasn’t sure how it would go.  I don’t particularly care for seafood.   Eating crawfish in itself is an art; both Brad and Eddie had their own crawfish-eating styles.  Unfortunately, they both said the crawfish was subpar: too small and not spicy enough per these Cajuns.  Eddie is from NOLA and Brad’s family is from NOLA, so I will take their word for it.  Good thing for me, however, was that meat, corn and potatoes are all gluten free and I could join in the fun.




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