is this real life?


While I was checking out what I could eat at Texas Roadhouse tonight (which seems like the worst choice for dinner and gluten free–but hey its not my birthday), I scoured some GF/allergy websites and stumbled onto a Bard’s Tale Beer Company (GF malted sorghum beer) page.  Moderately interested, I looked through their “news and events” on the page and found the USA’S LARGEST GLUTEN FREE EXPO.

I don’t know if this is a cool event, but I can’t see how it would go bad.  Food, recipes and vendors that are all gluten free.  It sounds like a magical universe where anything can be eaten.  I live in Austin, so I will probably try to drag my boyfriend along to the October/Dallas date to check it out.

Has anyone been to one of these things?  It can’t be worse than looking for that one food vendor at SXSW that sells gluten-free meals (thanks Snap Kitchen) and watching my friends eat amazing food from street vendors that are far too scary to try.

So my plan is to coerce the boyfriend or my sister to accompany me to what is described on the website as “a life changing moment.”  Is it October yet?



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