Miles of chocolate


So after a long day of work (I work 12s at the hospital), I crave chocolate sweet desserts. Unfortunately, my schedule doesn’t lend to baking and most of the gluten free stuff is nasty pre-packaged.  Tonight I decided to head to Live Oak Market, a cool hippie market in South Austin, to grab some root beers to go with dinner (Virgil’s Root Beer is delish and GF).

I asked the store clerk if they had any gluten free brownies and he said I was in for a treat. I quote “the best brownie ever.” He pulled it out of the freezers because apparently they are “gooey and delicious” at room temperature.  My interest was perked so I didn’t mind the $2.39 price tag.

I warmed it in the microwave for 15 seconds and then bit into this little piece of heaven. You can’t even tell that its gluten free AT ALL. Worth every penny and apparently the store clerk was right when he said I would be back for more.

They are sold locally here in Austin, but an online shipping option is available at The creator of these gooey, delectable treats is a Texan also. Win win situation: supporting local and delicious treats.


My little piece of heaven today


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