no more (disposable) bag ladies


March 1st.  That’s the date that the official bag ban goes underway in Austin and the day I have to start having a memory.

I happen to have about 20 of the reusable bags that I can’t ever seem to remember to bring in the store.  Usually on my shopping trips, I will start filling my basket with goodies and get halfway through the store before I’m like “dammit I left the bags in the car.”  And in my sloth, I cave and get the standard bags rather than parking my cart and running to my car.

The real question is: what is the money maker for this new ban?? What will be the invention that reminds even the spaciest, most forgetful consumers like me to remember to take the bags in? 

I’ve been brainstorming, hoping I could cash in, but so far I haven’t come up with any winners:

1. Fold-up bag that fits in your wallet–probably too hard to fold and would be super hard, I’m imagining origami to get the thing back in your wallet

2. GPS-type app–alerts you whenever you have arrived at a known grocery location or mall, can set reminders for your phone, it might work but I’m not tech-saavy enough to create this technology

3. Windshield sticker–like the kind you get when you get your oil changed but says don’t forget your reusable bags, low-tech, but I know how I become complacent to the “change your oil soon” reminders.

For now, I will just try to work on my pulling into H-E-B, grab my bags routine.  


Where all my bags never leave, the back of my car. 🙂

For more information about the ban, check out


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I'm a six-foot tall blonde nurse living in Austin with my boyfriend and enjoying all that life has to offer. I enjoy cooking, shopping and trying new things. My blog is about just daily life (there are 86,400 seconds in a day) and trying to live each one of those seconds to the fullest.

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