gluten schmooteeenn


I went to the doctor on Saturday about my crazy stomach and told her the hell I had been suffering through periodically for the past year.  She told me it sounded like it could be related to gluten and we could (a) order an expensive lab test to find out or (b) just go ahead and try a gluten-free diet and see how it went.  

Since I have a large deductible to meet, I decided to opt for the latter and try some supplements and a gluten-free diet.  When I got home, I googled a combination of gluten, gluten free, what is gluten, starting a gluten free diet.  Luckily, I was able to find some good advice from some fellow bloggers:  “don’t go buy all the gluten-free stuff at the store, it’s nasty” and “don’t eat gluten-free, eat healthy.” 

I figured out the basics of what is allowed and am on Day 3 of this new gluten-free experiment.   I went shopping for the first time at Walmart today (which is probably the antithesis of health or anything healthy) and spent about two hours reading labels.  I found some things that unexpectedly had wheat flour in them: tomato soup, potato bread  (is not very potato-y), and of course every cereal known to man except Chex. 

I did however realize through my shopping experience that a lot of the things I eat very VERY regularly have gluten in them.  It does make me wonder whether maybe there is something to my crazy tummy troubles and my diet.  My normal diet was mostly whole grains, oatmeal,  and lots of sweets (I love cookies!!).  I figure it can’t hurt to try and see if this helps, because so far avoiding alcohol, spicy, greasy and “bad processed” foods hasn’t been working. 

I looked at the gluten-free department but was mostly disgusted by what was there.  I just know by looking at that package it can’t be good.  The only gluten-free labeled stuff I ended up with was some Udi’s bread (which the crust tastes like cardboard, the middle wasn’t too bad), Apple Cinnamon Chex (yummy) and some Amy’s freezer meals for me to take to work.  Otherwise, I stuck to fresh foods and vegetables. 

The bakery department did make me kinda sad though.  Delicious-looking cupcakes and breads were staring at me at every turn.  I did however find some awesome blogs Gluten-free Goddess and Gluten is My Bitch featuring some pretty rad looking GF desserts.  I can’t wait to try the Twix bars at GIMB or the chocolate cake at Gluten-free Goddess. 

Hopefully those tasty desserts will give me the motivation I need to keep this GF thing going.  I decided on a goal of a month of gluten-freeness before I choose whether to continue.  Day 3….it’s only day 3…..



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  1. I feel ya- It’s a difficult lifestyle change to adapt to! Good news? Mexican is almost always safe:) Just make sure the chips and tortillas are corn. Also keep in mind that a lot of the GF stuff can also be a higher calorie count (it’s a cruel trick because you think you are eating healthy). I try and substitute as much as possible..Instead of GF noodles, I will eat Spaghetti Squash. Instead of chinese food with chinese noodles, I will get Thai (make sure the soy sauce is GF) with rice noodles. Welcome to a life of substituting.

    • I’m glad Mexican is okay!! There’s so many good places in Austin that are Mexican: ) I’m gonna try to stay away from the prepackaged stuff everyone says negative stuff about it! Thanks for the advice.

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