The End of the Beginning


Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.
Winston Churchill

I just turned in my final assignment for my Bachelor’s in Nursing program. I can’t believe that it is actually over and I have done it!!  I got my RN in 2011 and started immediately after in a bridging program from an associate’s to a bachelor’s.  I have literally been in school since Kindergarten and can’t believe I will be entering the “actual life” portion of my life.  I have a good job here in Austin, soon to be two bachelor’s degrees and an awesome family and boyfriend.  I feel like I have finally completed “the preparation” for life and now I get to live it.

Brad and I are saving for a house right now and I know only good things are to come.  I feel so blessed to have had these opportunities in my life.  Now to living and learning and shaping my career: such a surreal feeling. 

Thanks to my family and roommate for putting up with my mood swings while doing projects, discussion boards and assignments. 


My sister and I at my first graduation (BA in Communication) in 2009



My besties, Michelle and Chrissy at our RN graduation in 2011



After finishing our last day of clinicals in the RN program, we jumped in the pool in our scrubs in a show of success (and because we hated those pickle suits).  Tonight I’m celebrating the end of my RN-BSN journey in a more tame way–with a nice dinner of top sirloin center cuts wrapped in bacon and baked potatoes.  

Here’s to the future 🙂 and the beginning of my life!!


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