free week


So one of the things I’ve enjoyed about Austin is the fact that there is always something to do. Literally.

At the beginning of the year, Free Week gives Austinites the opportunity to check out cool bands in the city.  It’s great timing considering we are all broke after the holidays.

Last night my boyfriend, Brad,  a couple friends and I caught some shows at Antone’s.  Here’s what I thought:

The Rocketboys

The band proved to be entertaining but not something I would have paid for. The guitarist had so much energy and charisma and literally was the show.  The lead fell flat though, he had a decent voice but lacked that star quality to get the band to the next level. The overall show had a mellow, almost Coldplay vibe at times.  I personally could have used more edgier guitar riffs.  I might check out a few songs on Spotify,  but I don’t see them going into heavy rotation on my personal playlist.

Saints of Valory

Brad and I had these guys on our “to-see” list when we went to DeLuna Fest last year at Pensacola Beach. Unfortunately,  we missed them so were glad for the opportunity to check the band out again. A couple of our friends told us “it was one of the best shows at DeLuna,” so we came in with high expectations.

I was not let down. It was a good rock ‘n roll performance. The band sounded well-practiced, clean and solid. It’s no wonder they just signed to a label. All the parts were spot-on: killer guitar, strong vocals, decent drums. My only gripe is the sound covered up the vocals sometimes, but this was definitely a show I would have paid for.


Saints of Valory frontman Gavin Jasper at Antone’s in Austin, TX


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