barbecue shrimp, blackened shrimp, there’s all kind of shrimp


I couldn’t help but think about Forrest Gump when I was making my first shrimp dish today.  I got some new awesome casserole dishes (Corningware) and decided I had to make something for dinner utilizing my Christmas gifts!! I found this recipe online ( and gave it a try.

I got to the part of the recipe where it called to “devein” the shrimp and found myself lost and confused. My Cajun boyfriend made me feel like a novice when he started deveining like a champ. But this
website gave me the basics:

The dish turned out great except our Lab/Rottweiler mix, Riley, ninja’d her way into the fridge and ate the entire leftovers. Amazingly she did it without breaking the dish. Mind you she is ten years old and there really is no teaching her new tricks or to stay out of the fridge. We have a child lock on the fridge but have been forgetting to latch it.

I guess it just gives us a chance to make it again. We though some extra cayenne, sausage and chicken would set it off. Umm thanks I guess to Riley.


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I'm a six-foot tall blonde nurse living in Austin with my boyfriend and enjoying all that life has to offer. I enjoy cooking, shopping and trying new things. My blog is about just daily life (there are 86,400 seconds in a day) and trying to live each one of those seconds to the fullest.

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