Last year I made a “Austin Bucket List” when I moved here of the things I wanted to do and see.  It was really fun to try and get them all done and accomplish everything on the list.

Austin Bucket List 2012

This year I have created a new list for 2013, but it is less Austin-centered:

  • Go to Shiner, TX to the brewery and see how it’s done!!
  • Go to Lockhart and eat the yummy barbecue SOBER.  We do this every year for Memorial Day after floating the river, but I never seem to get to enjoy it.- —Made it happen.


  • Hot Sauce Festival in August —OOPS WE FORGOT!!!
  • Visit Saxon Pub for a show
  • Run at least 4-5K’s–So far, Brain Power 5K, Roc Race and I’m signed up for Blacklight Run!! One more….
  • Get Brad’s Jeep working and go off-roading —Brad is a sweetheart and sold his baby so we could have new furniture in our new house!!
  • Visit Gruene Hall –Went and saw Roger Creager earlier this year!!
  • Go to a New Orleans Saints Game–Had this planned (even took off from work) but bought a house instead.  WHO DAT ANYWAY!!
  • Go to GF expo in October–see blog post here


Here’s the fridge version:


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